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Power Loss & Power Animal Retrieval

Most shamanic cultures believe that when we are born, the spirit of an animal (power animal) volunteers to protect our physical and spiritual vitality. This special guardian connects you to your body, your wisdom, and to the Earth, while guiding, protecting, grounding and inspiring you. Shamans believe that when we become disconnected from our power animals we lose our personal power.

Your power animal is all-knowing and has the power to heal and protect you.  It loves you unconditionally and admires you for taking on the most challenging of all forms -- being human.

Symptoms resulting from power loss can include:

  • A sense of not belonging
  • Chronic misfortune
  • Low energy
  • Lack of a sense of purpose
  • Depression or chronic illness

A shaman journeys into non-ordinary reality to retrieve your power animal and blows it into your heart and crown chakras.  A power animal retrieval restores power by reconnecting you with this most important guardian spirit, bringing back vital energy, a sense of purpose, and protection.

Instructions are given after the retrieval to help you maintain and honor your relationship with your power animal. Click here to learn more about power animals.