Shamanic Journey Groups and Workshops



About Wilder (Greg)


I see clients at my home in Eugene Oregon


I also do remote sessions for
healing and for clearing houses


What is a shamanic session like?

I do an Illumination healing for all sessions. I may extract negative energies or attached spirits (spirit releasement), power animal retrieval, and soul retrieval. I always do soul retrieval during the first session, and sometimes for later sessions.

I have a discussion with you at the beginning of a session to obtain background information, which allows me to use my intuition to tune into what healing is needed and to recognize patterns (imprints) to be released. I may suggest reading, practices, or meditation that will support your healing. For the healing, I have you lie on your back, smudge you with white sage, then call in the directions and my helping spirits. I put on shamanic music and and guide you into a deeply relaxed state. I then have you tune into the issue that you wish to clear and blow the energy associated with it into a healing stone. I test to find which chakra is affected, clear the chakra, then illuiminate it with divine light. I usually drum after the Illumiantion to go on a shamanic journey to find soul parts (soul retrieval) and power animal retrieval. When I return I blow them into your heart and crown of your head.

For remote sessions, I am usually on the phone, WhatsApp, or Skype while doing the healing work. I can also do the healing work without being in contact with you -- in that case I do a shamanic journey to you and do an Illumination and other shamanic healing with the assistance of my helping spirits. I write you an email that describes the healing work, as well as any useful information that is revealed during the journey.

Bengston Method

The Bengston Method can be done in person or remotely. It is a type of energy healing using a technique called "cycling." This method has been proven in many studies to heal cancer in mice, both in person, remotely, and by feeding mice water that has been charged by the healer. Many people have been cured of cancer, depression, and many other illnesses with this method. I go into a shamanic state when I do this healing. I can do 15 minute to 30 minute sessions remotely, usually once a week, and I often use it during a shamanic healing session. For more information about the Bengston Method, please click here.

Clearing Houses and Properties

I do a lot of clearing of houses and properties, mostly remotely, but I can do the clearing in person. Houses often have ghosts, which I send into the light, as well as negative energies embedded in the walls and sometimes Earth spirits which need to be relocated to nature. Clearing of houses that have been on the market will often allow them to sell quickly. Most people can feel negative energies in houses that will keep them from buying or renting a property.

Faster EFT

I use a very fast and easy method of tapping that allows you to clear emotional issues quickly and easily. Click here for an example on YouTube of Faster EFT by the originator Robert B. Smith. Note that I tap along with you, rather than tapping on you as he does.


I use aspects of hypnotherapy in all my healing work, since I guide you into a deeply relaxed state. I can do past-life regression with you as well, which in many aspects is a type of shamanic healing.