Shamanic Journey Groups and Workshops



About Greg


I see clients at

3746 Mt Diablo Blvd
Suite 200

Lafayette CA


I also do remote sessions for
healing and for clearing houses


What is a shamanic session like?

I do an Illumination healing for all sessions. During, or at the end of the Illumination, I may also do extraction work, spirit releasement, power animal retrieval, or soul retrieval, depending on what intuitive information comes to me about what healing is needed.

I have a discussion with you at the beginning of a session to obtain background information, which allows me to use my intuition to tune into what healing is needed and to recognize patterns (imprints) to be released. I may suggest reading, practices, or meditation that will support your healing. For the healing, I have you lie on your back, smudge you with white sage, then call in the directions and my helping spirits. I put on shamanic music and hold your head beneath my hands and guide you into a deeply relaxed state. I then have you tune into the issue that you wish to clear and blow the energy associated with it into a healing stone. I test to find which chakra is affected, clear the chakra, then illuiminate it with divine light. If I sense a soul retrieval or power animal retrieval is needed, I will drum and go on a shamanic journey to find them, then blow them into your heart and crown of your head. If a spirit is attached to you (possession), I will do a healing that releases this spirit into the light -- this heals both you and the spirit that was attached to you.

For remote sessions, I do the healing work during a shamanic journey with the assistance of my helping spirits. I write you an email that describes the healing work, as well as any useful information that is revealed during the journey.


For couples work I teach Non-violent Communication and use tapping (EFT) and guided imagery to take you back to the time when you fell in love.

Faster EFT

I use a very fast and easy method of tapping that allows you to clear emotional issues quickly and easily. Click here for an example on YouTube of Faster EFT by the originator Robert B. Smith. Note that I tap along with you, rather than tapping on you as he does.


I use aspects of hypnotherapy in all my healing work, since I guide you into a deeply relaxed state. I can do past-life regression with you as well, which in many aspects is a type of shamanic healing.