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Shamanic Journeying

Nearly anyone can learn how to do shamanic journeying, an out-of-body experience in which you enter into an altered state of consciousness and visit other "worlds" (some suggest they are parallel universes). 

Accurate information that is otherwise unknown to the journeyer is often retrieved, and healing or deep understanding commonly occurs.

In shamanic practice, the soul is believed to be able to travel outside the body. Journeying within the "middle world" (the spiritual side of our own world) was done in indigenous cultures for millennia for such purposes as locating sources of food and water.

The main purposes of shamanic journeying are to obtain information and for healing. During most journeys the journeyer interacts with spirits, which may appear in animal, human, or mythical forms.  In shamanic healing, it is the helping spirits that do the healing -- the shaman is the "hollow bone" through which the spirits work.

One of the great benefits of shamanic journeying is learning that we are never alone and are loved unconditionally. 

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You may schedule an appointment to learn how to do shamanic journeying, or you may attend the monthly shamanic journey group in Lafayette.