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Greg Harper
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Wilder (Greg) offers shamanic healing for emotional, mental and spiritual concerns. Shamanism is the oldest known healing modality on earth and is practiced by all indigenous tribes. It is not a religion, but rather a set of very practical and effective methods.

I can work with you in person or remotely. You do not need to decide which type of healing is needed, as I can access that information.

Shamans access the spirit realm by entering into an altered state of consciousness. Healing on the behalf of others is requested from the shaman's helping spirits. The spirits work through the shaman.

Healing Methods


This shamanic process allows access to the energetic blueprint of the body through the chakra system to release imprints from wounding and traumas more.

Restoring Power

Power, in the shamanic sense, is the life force that flows through you, allowing you to create, to be healthy, and to be protected.  Power loss results in symptoms including chronic bad luck, low energy, lack of purpose, and depression more.

Soul Retrieval

Part of our vital essence, or soul, can leave during emotional or physical abuse, accidents, loss of a loved one, assault, rape, incest, divorce, surgery, or wartime experiences.  Soul loss results in symptoms including feelings of emptiness, unhealthy relationships, chronic illness or depression more.

Shamanic Journeying

Nearly anyone can learn how to do shamanic journeying, an out-of-body experience in which you enter into an altered state of consciousness to retrieve information or receive healing more.

Spirit Releasement (depossession)

When a person dies, normally their spirit goes into the light. If for some reason, this doesn't happen, these spirits can attach to a living person as energy parasites. This can cause many problems including fatigue aberrant behavior, addiction, difficulty making decisions, mood swings, or many other symptoms. More than one spirit may attach to an individual.

House Clearing

I do most clearings of homes or businesses remotely, clearing any negative energies and crossing over any ghosts into the light. If I do a clearing in person I also do a blessing with a despacho ceremony. This takes 1.5 hours remotely and two to three hours on site.