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Hypnosis is a safe, effective way to make positive changes in your life at a very deep level of being.  In hypnosis, you are guided to a deep state of relaxation where your mind is open to suggestion and change.  You are fully aware of all that is happening, and you are completely in control.  In fact, it is you who is doing the healing – I am just the guide.  Hypnotherapy is essentially another term for guided imagery (although not all people "see" during hypnosis). 

For centuries hypnosis was seen as a mysterious process.  It is now known that the brain is very flexible (plastic) and highly adaptive (see the recent book “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge).  The brain is particularly plastic during REM (dream) sleep.  In hypnosis, you enter into the REM state while conscious, allowing rapid learning through guided imagery and incorporation of suggestions.   

During hypnotherapy we are in dialogue as I guide you through healing of emotional wounds, letting go of old patterns of behavior, resolving trauma or phobia, or improving an existing skill.  Most people are amazed at how quickly healing occurs compared to traditional talk therapy.

Hypnotherapy is effective for the following:

  • Severe trauma (PTSD) and Phobias
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional blocks
  • Smoking and other addictive behaviors, including over-eating
  • Pain, including Migraines
  • Tooth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Depression
  • Anger

 Fear, Anxiety, and Phobia

When we feel anxious or scared, as well as when we feel  strong anger, the fight-or-flight response is activated.  Fight-or-flight is a powerful reaction involving rapid breathing, racing heartbeat, cold and clammy hands, and narrowing of focus.  In addition, rational thinking is impaired as the more primitive parts of the brain take over to prepare us to flee or defend ourselves from the threat of death or injury  (this is why it is so difficult to take a test while anxious). The fight-or-flight response is usually a false alarm -- we are rarely in immediate danger of death!   Phobias and panic attacks are examples of when the fight-or-flight response is highly activated.

Why is the fight-or-flight response triggered when there is actually no real threat of death?  The limbic system of the primitive part of the brain is always scanning the environment (including our thoughts), looking for a match to traumatic memories -- times when we perceived we were in danger.  If there is anything even similar to the memory, or even a part of the memory, fight-or-flight is activated.  This process occurs without our awareness, which is why we sometimes don't know why we are anxious or angry. 

Traumatic memories can be readily changed to normal memories with hypnotherapy (the rewind technique) and with Meridian Tapping Therapy.  It is easy to see the change -- when you tune into the memory (or are exposed to the stimulus that was once scary) you remain calm and relaxed.  You retain the content of the memory, but it doesn't trigger the fight-or-flight response.  Similarly, for phobias you remain calm when exposed to what was once fearful. 

Hypnotherapy and Health

Even the conservative Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 85% of illness is related to emotions, especially stress.  It is well known that the stress (fight-or-flight) response compromises the immune system, so chronic stress can result in ill health.  So one of the best ways to preserve and improve your health is to reduce negative emotions.  As these negative emotions are resolved, the natural state of joy and health is allowed to flow freely within you.

Hypnotherapy and
Meridian Tapping Therapy also can help with sleep -- not only getting the right amount of sleep, but the the right kind of sleep.  Too much dreaming (REM) sleep, for example, is exhausting and can lead to depression. Excessive dreaming has been linked to chronic stress, so relaxing as well as resolving traumatic memories can greatly aid in getting the right kind of sleep.

Smoking and Addictive Behaviors

The key to changing addictive behaviors is to address the underlying driver, which is usually stress.  This involves addressing the triggers for the stress and neutralizing them with hypnotherapy or Meridian Tapping Therapy so that you remain calm and relaxed. 

For smoking, most hypnotherapists seek to just change behavior, such as stopping smoking.  While this is useful, if the underlying drivers are not addressed, another addictive behavior is likely to take over.  This explains, for example, why so many people who stop smoking gain wait -- they are substituting eating for smoking as they try and "medicate" their underlying emotions.

Skill Enhancement

Enhancement of any skill, from sports to public speaking, is greatly facilitated by mental practice during hypnosis.  This practice not only reduces stress during the actual performance, research shows that it actually improves muscle strength and coordination!  Virtually all of the best athletes use hypnotherapy (often called “guided imagery”) to enhance their skill level.

Skill Enhancement can be used for any type of performance (dance, music, sports), public speaking, dating, weight loss and smoking, developing new health habits like exercise or meditating, surgery, and restful sleep.  Skill rehearsal is often used in conjunction with other  hypnotherapy techniques or with Meridian Tapping Therapy

Past-life Regression

Profound healing often occurs while visiting a "past life" during hypnosis (For example, see "Many Lives, Many Masters" and related books by Dr. Brian Weiss).  Are these past lives real?  In a sense it doesn't matter whether the past life is real or a metaphor, because healing occurs anyway.  When someone is able to experience a past life during hypnosis under the guidence of a skilled hypnotherapist, issues that seemingly have no origin in our present life can be resolved and we can have peace.

During past life regression, I'll also take you through the end a past life into the inter-life, a place between "lives" where you have a very different and broader perspective of your soul's journey through time.  From this perspective most people obtain a clear sense of their purpose for this life.  Many also meet spirit guides and soul mates in the inter-life.  Many experience a true sense of   being eternal.