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   The Inner Voyage

   I am tired of suffering!

 “Go Within” says the wind.

   I am tired of conflict!

 “Go Within” says the wind.

   How can I get better?

 “Go Within” says the wind.

   How can I be happy?

 “Go Within” says the wind.


I offer private sessions for the following:

  * Shamanic Healing (more information
  * Emotional trauma
  * Panic attacks, Anxiety
  * Depression
  * Pain
  * Sleep Problems
  * Attracting abundance through removing obstacles
  * Emotional upset of any kind
  * Past life regression
  * Smoking cessation, weight loss

My goals are to
* Assist you with resolving your presenting issues as quickly as possible .
* Go beyond just neutralizing a problem to reach a positive, good-feeling state. 

   I use  the Emotional Freedom Techniques  (EFT) for many sesions because it yields such rapid results for almost all presenting issues -- and I will teach you EFT so that you can use between sessions.  I also offer hypnotherapy and shamanic healing .  I can make custom CD's for relaxation, sleep, or achieving a goal. 

$100 per hour.  
Reduced rates for prepaid packages of four or more

               Artwork by Greg Harper

"Thank you for helping me work out my sleep issue
...I feel like lauding you to anyone who will listen, and I would gladly go to you again."
Dudley Braun, Lafayette, CA
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