I offer Shamanic Healing in my beautiful tree house home in Eugene Oregon, or remotely world-wide. I am also a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner.

As a former research scientist, I recognize these methods as practical and highly effective. There is no need to believe anything, though an open mind is helpful. Expect significant healing and progress with every session.
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I have been a Shamanic Practitioner and teacher for 15 years. I taught a Shamanic Course at the HCH Institute in California for the last decade. Previously, I obtained a PhD from UC Berkeley worked as a geology professor for 24 years. I also work with people using the "cycling" technique. This is based on the work of William Bengston (The Bengston Method) which has been scientifically proven to heal cancer in mice and used clinically to heal cancer, alzheimers, depression, and many other conditions. Read about the Shamanic Healing offered by WIlder.


Shamans access the spirit realm by entering into an altered state of consciousness. Healing on the behalf of others is requested from the shaman's helping spirits. The spirits work through the shaman. Healing takes place in the energy body, restoring power. Some techniques used in a Shamanic Session include soul retrieval and extracting energies and entities. Click here to learn more about my Shamanic Healing.

Eugene, Oregon

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